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Book Excerpt & Other Articles

To get a taste of my book, please read the preface or these related articles:
"Portuguese Palestine"

in History Today. [UK] December, 2012


"This year marks the centenary of a forgotten effort to carve out a Jewish homeland in the vast Portuguese colony of Angola..."



"Promised Lands: Alfred Doblin as a Territorialist Ideologue"


in Maarav: Art, Culture, Media. [Israel] April, 2012

"On November 5, 1923, three days before Hitler’s failed Munich Beer Hall Putsch, mobs of unemployed men and nationalist thugs descended on the Scheunenviertel, a poor Jewish immigrant neighborhood of Berlin..."

"Shake a Family Tree And a Jew Falls Out"


in The Forward. May, 2009

"On a Thursday morning, I stop by the restaurant Shoarma Tel Aviv on the way to visit an ancient Jewish cemetery. Friday night, I attend services at an 18th-century synagogue. The restaurant is owned by a Hindustani, and the floor of the synagogue is covered with sand. Where am I?..."


"Madagascar: An Almost Jewish Homeland"


in Moment. May-June, 2009

"They say that in Madagascar trees eat people, giant birds carry off elephants and crocodiles wear jewelry. I start to think these fables might be true as the Air Madagascar jet—affectionately known as Air Mad—makes its steep descent in the pitch black early morning..."

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